June 20, 2011

Thanks so much #sqlcommunity !

Posted in SQL Server at 9:44 am by David Taylor

This perforce has to be a short note, as you will see, things are very busy right now, but I wanted to take a moment to send a giant THANK YOU! out to the SQL Community in general, and to a few people specifically.

Why am I so thankful, you ask? I got a job! I will be the SQL Server DBA at a prestigious private school in New Hampshire, where I will get to work with the latest SQL 2K8 R2 running on Windows Server 2K8 R2. They are building a data warehouse for reporting, and consolidating a bunch of disparate older product data onto SQL Server, and I can’t wait!

OK, you say, you got a job. Again, why are you so thankful to us, you ask? Simply because it wouldn’t have been possible, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of you guys. The PASS Chapter folks, the SQL Saturday folks, all the people at last year’s Summit, the folks who answer #sqlhelp, and just the community in general. I learn from you guys every day, and it is this learning that has allowed me to get to this position.

I specifically want to call out a few folks who went the extra mile for me personally, and know that these folks are not listed in any particular order, and if I leave someone out, I am so sorry! Thank you Jorge Segarra (Blog | Twitter), Mike Walsh (Blog | Twitter), Jack Corbett (Blog | Twitter), Tim Radney (Blog | Twitter), Adam Jorgenson (Blog | Twitter), Brian Knight (Blog | Twitter), Nicholas Cain (Blog | Twitter), Paul Randall (Blog | Twitter), Julie Smith (Blog | Twitter), Audrey Hammonds (Blog | Twitter), Jes Borland (Blog | Twitter), All the SQL University professors; all of these people and so many more have helped me, taught me, made me a better person, inspired me, made it possible for me to turn in my two-week notice this morning, and go home to New England.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you!


  1. Congratulations, David!

  2. Kevin Mck said,


  3. Nic Cain said,

    Sweet! Congratulations man.

  4. Matt Velic said,

    Dude, that rocks, congratulations!

  5. That is AWESOME, congrats!

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