April 25, 2011

#sqlpass AppDev_VC Presentation Tuesday 4/26 at noon Eastern

Posted in SQL Server at 8:33 am by David Taylor

I’d like for you all (y’all, if you’re in the South 🙂 to join us at the Application Development Virtual Chapter on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at Noon Eastern, to enjoy the infamous Louis Davidson present on Great Relational Databases.

The link for the LiveMeeting is this –> Attendee Link

The blurb for the presentation is (from the AppDev_VC site)

Characteristics of a Great Relational Database
April 26, 2010, 12 PM Eastern
Louis Davidson
Attendee URL: LiveMeeting

When queried, most database professionals would mention normalized as one of the most important characteristics that tell the difference between a good and bad database design. I won’t disagree in the least, but there is so much more to be considered.  Even if you did a great job of normalization, poor naming, poorly implemented keys, too many or too few indexes, and so on can derail your design.  In this session I will present seven primary characteristics of a design that differentiates between an ugly design that will have your colleagues nitpicking you to death and one that will have them singing your praises. Characteristics such as comprehensible, documented, secure, well performing, and more (including normalized, naturally) will be discussed.

Louis Davidson

Louis has over 15 years as a corporate database developer and architect. Currently he is the Data Architect for the Christian Broadcasting Network and NorthStar Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Nearly all of Louis’ professional experience has been with Microsoft SQL Server from the early days to whatever is the latest version currently in beta.  Louis has been the principal author on four editions of a book on database design, including one for SQL Server 2008. Louis’ primary areas of interest are database architecture and coding in T-SQL, with experience designing many databases and writing thousands of stored procedures and triggers through the years.

How do I attend?
Attendee URL: LiveMeeting


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