January 6, 2010

Ask again, why blog?

Posted in Learning, SQL Server at 9:00 am by David Taylor

As I mentioned in my last post, one of my goals is simply to blog more. Why, you ask? Well I once read, “You teach best what you most need to learn.” ~Richard Bach, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah (1977) The Blue FeatherWhile I don’t purport to teach anybody anything here (I am probably the least knowledgeable among the SQL community at large as it is!) at least blogging about the subject of SQL Server will have the intended effect of me learning that which I most need to know. If you, Gentle Reader, get anything from it, I am happy for you, and happier for me, in that I have helped someone out, another perpetual goal.

I just recently read a blog post in which the author was talking about how he and a friend were learning and teaching each other their craft through writing mail to each other (this was in the days before email, you know, like the 80’s 🙂 in which the blog author wrote, “one benefit was that the need to write it down forced a sense of clarity upon our thinking.” ~ Peter Follansbee, joiner’s notes. This is the benefit I hope to find through blogging my learning experiences with SQL Server. 

Now, so far in this new blog, I haven’t actually written anything about SQL Server, but please bear with me. I’m getting my blog on, trying to learn what I don’t know, what experience in my little corner of the SQL world I should write about. meanwhile, I am writing, I am getting thoughts out there, at a more prodigious rate than most of last year. Thanks for clicking.


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  1. John Jakubowski said,

    Looking forward to reading your thoughts and learning as well. Love the blog title. 🙂

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