January 5, 2010

2010 – Resolution, Schmezolution

Posted in Development, SQL Server tagged at 9:00 am by David Taylor

There seems to be a meme going around the blogging world these last days. Everybody is laying out their goals and tagging one another. I haven’t been tagged, but I am going on anyway! I like one of the things I read on Twitter today, to paraphrase, your resolutions are only interesting to yourself. So I will publish my take on my goals, not resolutions, and you can decide who they interest.

As the infamous Buck Woody (who blogs at Carpe Datum) wrote, goals are better than resolutions, because they are more than promises to yourself, they are definite achievements to work towards because they are measurable. I’ve made and broken many promises to myself; this year, I will try goals, and see if I can stick to them. At least what I have in mind is infinitely more measurable than some resolutions I’ve made over the year.

Goal the first – blog more (hmm, <looks around> starting off well!)

Goal the second – increase involvement in SQL community. This month starts out my commitment as co-leader of PASS Application Development Virtual Chapter, I have a speaker spot in SQL Saturday #32 in Tampa this month, seems I’m off to a good start with this one, too!

Goals beyond number – learn more, measure that learning by obtaining certification, starting with MCTS in late January / early February. Read at least a book a month (SQL books are big, and time is limited!) Get into Development more (currently writing a VB.NET [keep it down C# fanboys!] app for work, we’ll see how it goes as it gets more complex)

These are a good start. Learn more is vague, I know, but with the measurables of certifications, that will narrow it down. Tom Larock  (who blogs at SQLRockstar) has helped immensely by donating to me the training kit books for the SQL Developer certs, which will be next in line after the MCTS, which actually helps his goal of coaching more this year! In return, I will be passing them on when I complete the certs to someone coming up behind me.

Well, there they are, goals probably of interest only to myself, but now they are written, in a public forum, and, if anyone reads this, maybe they can encourage or be encouraged.

Oh, and my Themeword, the other thing that seems to be making the rounds of bloggers this new year? LEARN!


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